KTM 250 -300 EXC bashplate
Terra x Wheel spanner

We have been busy here at Terra-x with a host of new bikes being added soon to our suspension Lowering kits.

First we have the new Husqvarna’, all models 2014 – 2015

Now we have Freerides coming soon  350 and 250 versions

Plus Ktm and Husky big and small wheel 85″s

We are also looking into making a kit for Yamaha Wr’s however this will be difficult so we are asking for anyone interested to let us know with a quick email. There is a contact form on the Yamaha page here

Husqvarna Fe

Releasing soon is our lowering solution for the new generation Husqvarna’s, just like our Ktm kit it lowers both ends and results in 32mm seat height reduction.

No permanent modifications.

Fits all models with 4cs fork and linkage shock.

Plus we will also have a kit for the Tc 85.

Ktm Lowering kit now fits new two strokes

Our Ktm lowering kit will be available again by the end of Febuary and are selling fast with the US and Australian riding season fast approaching.
This is good news to the people that have been waiting, but even better news is the kit now fits 2014 and 2015 200, 250 and 300 two strokes that it previously did not.

It will also fit bikes like the six days and 2013 – 2014 Husabergs that use the 4cs forks with the purchase of some extra parts and a special tool to get the forks apart.

We encourage anyone interested to pre-order to avoid missing out, this years interest in this product has surprised us and there will be a longer wait for more to be made if we sell out again.

Go here to place your order:  Ktm / Husaberg Lowering Kit page

Rake, Trail and Offset Tnail

The much discussed topic of Steering axis, Rake, Offset and Trail. 

With KTM adjustable steering stem soon to be released, we thought we might address an explanation of this subject.

If nothing else it will make you an expert in the pub.


KTM Suspension Lowering

The long awaited KTM suspension lowering kit is now available.

The kit fits all PDS bikes from 2005 to 2014, It lowers the bike front and rear by 32mm.
Riders will feel an instant boost in confidence as they have more control of the motorcycle, the kit has been extensively tested and has minimal impact on the bikes handling and bottoming resistance.

For more information click here: KTM suspension lowering kit