The Terra-x Tyre levers have small easy to insert tips, they hook over the rim positively and reduce the chance of slipping off when being leaned on.

Motorcycle Tyre Levers - Terra-x productsThe levers are extremely strong, made from Australian sourced material and correctly heat treated.

The hex cutouts operate our chain breaker and our wheel spanner set, this alone saves carrying heavy tools as the tyre lever becomes the spanner shank. This means even a large tight wheel nut can be undone with only a small spanner piece and adapter needing to be carried along with the levers. They also fit European and Japanese rimlocks and have proved themselves use full in tightening counter shaft bolts etc… in out of the way places. No one likes the job of fixing flat tyres, but if you are carrying levers just in case, you may as well have ones that will work and have other uses to offset some of the downsides of weight etc.. Q: Will these levers scratch your rims. Yes like all levers will if used on their own. but a piece of leather slipped in first and moved around with the lever will stop that happening.

Order The Last Set of Tyre Levers You Will Ever Need. 

Tyre levers -pair.            $75 Aud


Tyre lever Features

  • Small easy to insert tips that won’t slip off.
  • Quality made in Australia, 215mm long.
  • Operate our other tools, less to carry.
  • No reported breakages in over 12 years.
  • Weight reducing cutouts along the lever
  • Fit rimlocks and up to 17mm.
  • Extremely strong and dependable.
  • Machined tips, no stress to the metal.