Enduro Chain Breaker

What size chain will this fit.
It will fit 520, 525 and 530 chain sizes.
Do I need to grind the head of the chain pin first.
No the tool was developed to be strong enough to not have to do this, there are no grinders available when your out riding.
Will the tool rivet a solid chain pin.
No it will flare a hollow ended link or install a pressable spring link.
Does the tool quad stake pins.
No the answer to that is the same as above.
Does it work on all brand of chain.
Do you sell spare pins.
Yes, we always have spare pins available.
How much does the tool weigh.
The weight is 155 grams.
What size spanners fit the tool.
A 17mm fits the tool body and large bolt, a 12mm fits the drive bolt.
Is there a guarantee.
We have always helped customers with any problems, We don’t however cover broken pins.


KTM Suspension Lowering Kit

How much does it lower the seat by.
30-33m front and rear, resulting in 30-33mm at the seat.
Do I need shorter or lighter springs.
No you reuse your existing shock spring, and unless shortening the forks via the internal method keep your existing fork springs.
Do I need to de-pressurize the shock or disturb the oil to install the kit.
No gas or oil needs to be released from the shock, or forks if using the triple clamp parts.
Can the shock spacer come out whilst riding.
The spacer is completely captive and is held in place exactly the same way as the existing seal head was before installing the spacer, providing installation is done correctly and its pretty easy to do, there is no way for the spacer to come out.
How long does it take to install the kit.
Installation should take approximately 1.5 hrs.
Does the kit work with the 4cs or Closed chamber forks.
Yes we have a kit available for both of these forks.
Does the kit fit aftermarket triple clamps.
Our parts will work with most billet clamps especially if they are Ktm powerparts clamps
Does the kit fit Six Day bikes.
Yes we have a kit for six day bikes with 4cs forks.
Does the kit fit linkage bikes – XC, XC-F, SX, SX-F.
We have a kit that fits the Husqvarna Fe and Te models with 4cs forks or the new Xplor fork. our rear part will fit Xc and Fc,Sx etc but we don’t have a part that works with the air fork, however it will work with earlier models with either the 4cs or Closed chamber fork.  Contact us.
Does the kit fit Husabergs.
Yes 2005 up to and including 2014.
Does the kit make any permanent modifications to the bike.
No, absolutely no parts are damaged in any way by installing or removing this kit.
Are there other lowering alternatives.
Yes Internal shortening by a suspension company or installation of an offset bush in the swing arm.
Why don’t I just do the swing arm bush, it is a lot cheaper.
The installation of that product requires grinding or machining of the swing arm and the shock clevis. It does not lower the rear as much as our solution and results in permanent bike modifications. It also does not lower the front end to match the rear.


Tyre Levers

What sizes are the hex cutouts.
Hex sizes are 17,15,14,13 and 12. The 15 fits our wheel spanner.
How much do they weigh and what length are they.
The levers are 215mm long and weigh 190 grams each.
Is it possible to bend or break a lever.
No, We have not had a broken lever since we started making them in 2002, the levers can not bend without returning to their existing form and in normal use for the job of a tyre lever.
Why are the levers more expensive than other options.
The simple answer is they are expensive to make, they are not just stamped from cheap steel and sold in bulk.
As a lever, what makes them better than other options.
You only know you have good levers when you actually have to use them, and it’s nearly always in a nasty spot. Watch someone struggle with cheap levers and you will be glad you have ours.