Logo-stretchedTerra-x is a small business specializing in the manufacture of tools and accessories for the off road motorcyclist.

We started making our chain breaker back in 2001 when the only chain tool that was strong enough to work out in the middle of nowhere, was too big and heavy to carry, we saw the need for a small strong chain breaker that could be carried easily in a riders tool kit.
Those same principles apply to all the products we make today and in the future, if something fits a hole in the market or is in demand but unavailable we will try and make that product.

We like to make products that are just not made by anyone else, that are difficult if not near impossible to make, we will think through a solution that works.

Our tools have been carried and used in some of the worlds toughest events including the Dakar, Erzburg rodeo and the Australian safari. And have also traveled to remote parts of the world with hardened adventure riders.

We make our tools and products in Australia and are proud of that fact.
We make them tough because we know what you will use them for.

We are always open to product requests and we like to think outside the box.