KTM 250 -300 EXC bashplate

We’ve been away for a while

We are now back making our lowering kits for Ktm and Husqvarna bikes.
We have had a small break in supplying these products but are producing these parts and kits again. 

Due to covid 19 there are less planes flying, this can dramatically affect postage times. We have been told some that used to take 4 days can take longer than 4 weeks.
Off course this wont be for everywhere and some will not be affected as it depends on available flights.

We have no control over this but we will supply tracking numbers and details.

The much discussed topic of Steering axis, Rake, Offset and Trail.

With KTM adjustable steering stem soon to be released, we thought we might address an explanation of this subject.

If nothing else it will make you an expert in the pub.